Great Covers!

When you think about how much abuse your license plate takes as it barrels down the highway day after day–wind, sleet, bugs, and debris – a protective license plate frame seems like a very sound investment.

Luxe Shield is a Canadian, family-owned and operated business. The Steinbergs have been in the automotive industry for more than 70 years. Their products are intended to protect vehicle license plates from folds, dings, and scratches, all while remaining clean, dry and rust-free.

The license plate covers are made of 100% recycled, industrial-strength polycarbonate with unique drain technology, which is meant to keep water from pooling under the cover. Luxe Shield offers four varieties of colour options, clear, blue, purple, and smoke.

While enough time hasn’t passed to judge its long-term quality, my initial tests over the past four months have been very promising. They did not bend easily nor have they shown signs of scratching. I especially like that all covers come with a lifetime warranty against breakage, as well as free shipping and stainless-steel screws provided.

Ultimately, I strongly recommend giving these frames a shot if you’re looking for a sophisticated, durable cover for your license plate. The plastic is high-quality, durable, and looks good when installed.