• Show Off Your Personality!

    Choose from one of 5 fabulous colours and drive with confidence that your plate will always be protected and looking great.

  • Premium Quality

    Luxe Shield offers strong, flexible, sleek, innovative and durable license plate covers.

  • Anti-Fog Drainage System

    Our unique drainage system allows easy elimination of any water trapped between the plate and shield, keeping your plates dry and clean at all times.

Luxe Shield’s innovative plate covers can withstand harsh weather and road conditions. License plates remain clean, dry and rust-free. They continue looking new due to the durability of our 100% recycled, industrial-strength polycarbonate and unique drain technology. Our plate covers are now available in clear, smoke, purple, and blue. We guarantee the longevity and quality of our product by offering a Lifetime Warranty against breakage*

Luxe Shield’s Premium License Plate Covers

-Exclusively used by Mercedes-Benz for over three decades

-Made in U.S.A. for more than 30 years!

-Unique built-in drain keeps plates clean, dry, and rust-free

-Available in 5 colours: Clear, Smoke, Lavender, Pink and Blue

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Thank you!

Thanks so much for my smoke Luxe Shield license plate covers! The plastic is thick and durable and has an air of real quality, as opposed to others I have seen on the road. After a year they still look like brand new. The soft smoke colour also enhances the classy look of my Mercedes.… Read more “Thank you!”

Daiva Dalinda
Toronto, Ontario

Long-time supporters

We have been using Luxe Shield license plate covers on our vehicles for over 30 years. It’s an exceptional product which meets the highest standards that Mercedes-Benz and all of our customers expect.

Adrian Niedermueller
Owner-Operator of Weston M.B. Collision (Licensed Body Shop of Mercedes-Benz Canada)

No Complaints

I have been using the Luxe Shield license plate covers for over a year now and I have absolutely no complaints. They look just as good as the day I bought them and work just as well. I will be purchasing another set when we buy a second car. Much better than the options I’ve… Read more “No Complaints”

Ben Varghese
Stouffville, Ontario

Great Quality & Protection

The covers are excellent – both still in the same perfect condition they were in when purchased. They protect the plates very well and look nice. They also do an excellent job of repelling water and keeping water outside the covers. Generally on the road I only see the basic plate covers that you can… Read more “Great Quality & Protection”

Rich Gorrin
Toronto, Ontario

Great durability

I have had your Luxe Shield smoke covers on my 2011 Camaro for the last 4 years. I must say that I’m very impressed with this product and its durability. I recently bought a new 2017 Camaro 2LTRS in Nightfall Grey Metallic. As the covers were still like new I transferred them over to the… Read more “Great durability”

Mike Wells
Pickering, Ontario

Unique Covers

There is not a plate cover on the market that can match Luxe Shield’s quality and durability. We have been installing them on all our new and used vehicles for over 15 years.

Peter Santos
Owner-Operator of World Fine Cars Ltd. and Mercedes-Benz Peterborough

Excellent quality!

My new tinted Luxe Shield cover looks great and gets rid of all the water that goes inside. My old cover rusted up my plate.

Azeem Mirza
Brampton, Ontario

Awesome Product!

My Luxe Shield Plate covers surpass all other plate cover products available in quality, durability, strength, functionality and aesthetics. I’m super impressed with the Luxe Shield Product. The blue cover on my white car really makes it look awesome, and the built-in water drain is amazing. I can’t believe people use the other plate cover… Read more “Awesome Product!”

Dan Adlam
Etobicoke, Ontario

What’s your plate wearing?

I purchased a set of purple license plate covers from Luxe Shield and I absolutely LOVE them! The purple shields look stunning and so fashionable against my black VW Golf…and the ease of installation with the stainless steel screws makes this product even more perfect! The shields are an exceptional product and I encourage everyone… Read more “What’s your plate wearing?”

Amal A.
Toronto, ON

Nothing But The Best For My Baby

I have been involved in the purchasing, selling, and installation of these Licence Plate protectors for more than 30 years. They have been installed on 1000’s of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to protect not only the regular plates but personalized plates as well. Aesthetically they look great and are extremely durable. They withstand all weather conditions much… Read more “Nothing But The Best For My Baby”

Ray Carruthers
Toronto, Ontario

The Built-in Drain Feature is Great!

I purchased 2 plate covers at the Toronto Auto Show and I am happy I did! It keeps my personalized plate looking like new. I like the bottom drain feature which keeps the plate and cover free of moisture and looking great all the time. I would recommend these plate covers to anyone!

Peter K

Great Covers!

When you think about how much abuse your license plate takes as it barrels down the highway day after day–wind, sleet, bugs, and debris – a protective license plate frame seems like a very sound investment. Luxe Shield is a Canadian, family-owned and operated business. The Steinbergs have been in the automotive industry for more… Read more “Great Covers!”

Simon Oliveira
Kitchener Ontario